Castleton Festival

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining the very talented section of young hornists at the Castleton Festival. Created by the world renowned conductor Lorin Maazel, it takes place on his farm west of DC in Virginia in the foothills of the Shenandoah mountains. If you are 20-30ish years old and looking for a real world "keep you on your toes" summer experience check this place out.

We played Mahler's 5th, hence the need for a couple of extra horns. David Thompson (principal horn in Barcelona, then Hong Kong, now somewhere in Australia) was leading the section. He sounded amazing and it was certainly exciting to sit on the business end of his bell. It was great to see and hear the vitality of the next generation of classical musicians. I definitely will be watching this festival and having my students audition for it in the future.